Dr. Siddharth Dube

MBBS MS Mch (Urosurgery)

Dr Siddharth Dube is one of the best Uro surgeons in Indore with years of experience in Uro surgery Procedures and treatments. Well versed and competent with Urological examination and Investigations. Experienced in diagnosing and treating urological diseases. Experienced in managing Urological emergencies.

Surgical Experience:-

  • Performed/Competent:
  • Experienced and competent in endoscopic surgeries- CLT, URSL, PCNL, TURP.
  • Competent in performing independent TURBT.
  • Competent and well versed with Laparoscopic urological surgeries- Nephrectomy, Pyeloplasty.
  • Well versed with surgical intervention for open urological surgeries.
  • Experienced and competent in performing emergency urological procedures.
  • Reconstruction Surgery – urethroplasty.
  • ESWL
  • Urodynamics

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