Aastha Dhingra


Aastha Dhingra is a dietician/nutritionist who trusts in the art of healing through food. One can accomplish everything with discipline and consistency. She firmly believe and help her clients to walk their way towards a healthy lifestyle including meal planning, and a strong mental, emotional and physical health. She doesn’t advice very strict and unrealistic nutritional practices. Food has a very important role to play in our daily lives and getting what you love to eat is a big benefit and a motivation with any health regime that you follow. Aastha doesn’t believe in eliminating food items in the diet plans and try to include a variety of meals to your plate.

Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle and not a temporary diet/workout that you follow just to lose weight. Asstha help her clients to achieve their goals by following what they love to do in their everyday life and stay comfortable and happy with the change that she introduce.

Bringing customised diet plans and lifestyle changes to her clients and achieving their goals is what Aasth work for.

So, are you excited to upgrade your health and body with Diets & More? It will be definitely worth it and you will thank yourself for investing in your health. She guarantee that you will come out of this program with a better “you”.

How to start?

Give us a call/ WhatsApp/ email and we will get in touch with you. We will have a small consultation to get to know your daily routines and habits. We will then create diet plans for you keeping in account everything that you need to achieve your goals. Diet charts will be provided weekly/10 days and follow ups will be managed at the end of every diet plan where your progress will be assessed.

Get on this health trip with us. We cannot wait to guide you!

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