The Department of gynaecology at Hplus super speciality clinic is headed by Dr Astha Jain Mathur. Gynaecologists are doctors who specialize in treating female issues related to childbirth and female reproductive organs. They also treat issues related to menstruation, hormonal disorders, fertility problems etc.

  • A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the health of the female organs and reproductive systems
  • Many women start visiting a gynecologist from their early teens and continue to attend till they live.
  • Women are advised to visit a gynecologist annually for a checkup, and any time they have symptoms that concern them.
  • Should undergo regular gynae checkups after age of 30.

When Should one start visiting gynecologist

Females should visit gynecologists from the age of 13-15 years for proper guidance and check up. A gynecologist can help guide young women about menstrual issues, Hormonal Issues and how to take care of them.

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