Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine focusing on treatment and surgery related to the oesophagus, Stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, intestine, colon and rectum. A gastroenterologist treats these diseases by medicines and Gastro surgeons does surgery related to digestive system.

At the Hplus super speciality clinic in Indore and New Delhi, you can meet top gastro surgeons and gastroenterologists for your problem related to digestive systems. Gastrosurgeons at Hplus works with top hospitals in Indore and are most qualified to treat you. Our team of surgeons can help and guide you for all surgeries related to liver, pancreas, intestine, Gall bladder, kidney, colon, rectum and piles. Our gastroenterologists also do Endoscopy and endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries at hplus clinic.

╬čur Process

The best way to meet a gastroenterologist and gastro doctor at Hplus clinic is to call and book an appointment. Our customer care executive will guide you to the best doctor you should meet for your problem. One visit to specialist doctor can solve most of your problems.

A gastro surgeon will evaluate your problem, will do necessary tests and help you with surgery or medicine to treat your problem. At Hplus super speciality clinic Indore and Delhi you can avail advantage Low-cost surgeries at the best hospitals.

  • Visit gastroenterologist if you have problem related to igestive system.
  • Book appointment and freely ask all your questions with Specialist
  • Get all tests and Xrays etc at Hplus clinic.
  • Ask for special discount with clinic manager for your surgery if needed.
  • Choose your hospital for surgery or book your surgery at our network hospital.
  • Visit for follow ups at Hplus clinic

When should you see a gastroenterologist

It’s time to see a specialist if you have the following symptoms.

1. Heart Burn or acidity

2. Excessive gas formation

3. Lump in throat

4. Blood in stools

5. Excessive weight loss

6. Bloating or acid reflux

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