The study of endocrinology involves the study of hormones. Hormones are vital to our daily existence. They regulate temperatures and mood, sleep as well as stress levels, growth and many more.

An endocrinologist doctor who treats conditions that are related to hormonal issues. Hormones are a chemical messenger which travels between cells. Hormones that are released by one region of the body, then circulate through blood and influence another part in the human body. This allows different areas within the human body communicate with one another. Hormones are produced through endocrine glands, including the pituitary adrenal glands or thyroid. There are many glands that are not classed as being endocrine. for instance, lymph glands or sweat glands aren’t endocrine glands.

Hormones can be found in all living organisms that have multiple cells therefore they are present in animals and plants. They control or influence many physiological processes, like development, growth puberty, levels in alertness and alertness levels, regulation of blood sugar, bone growth, appetite, etc. There are also issues with hormones and how they work are a cause of certain of the major illnesses of the human race, such as thyroid disorders, diabetes pituitary disorders, some sexual issues, some issues with the nervous system, appetite and weight gain, bone issues and cancer, among others.

There are sub-specialties that devote themselves to particular areas in which hormones function. Examples:

  • Pediatric endocrinology, which examines the hormones of children.
  • Thyroid endocrinology focuses on how the thyroid influences metabolism
  • Chemicals that disrupt the hormone system, that mimic the actions of hormones are found in the natural environment
  • Comparative endocrinology that analyzes how similar hormones function across different species (e.g. from insects to birds, fish mammals, etc.)
Dr. Manoj Gedam

Dr. Manoj Gedam

Endocrinologist , MD, DNB, DM

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