Dermatology is one of the branches of medicine that addresses the skin and disorders of the skin. It is concerned with the study, research , and diagnosis of normal skin as well as conditions of the skin. Skin cancers, cosmetic and aging disorders of the hair, skin, fat nails, oral and genital membranes comprise the most common dermatology concerns.

The dermatology subspecialties include the field of dermatopathology, which deals in the pathology of the skin; and immunodermatology, which is a specialist in the treatment of dermatologic disorders that are immune-mediated, such as the bullous pemphigoid, lupus and pemphigus vulgaris Mohs surgical procedure is a procedure that removes cancerous skin cells, without damaging healthy cells and pediatric dermatology in which dermatologists treat children with hereditary skin conditions and children.

A specialist in the field of dermatology is known as a dermatologist. A dermatologist could be involved in surgical or medical treatments. Dermatologists can perform a variety of procedures, a majority of ones are cosmetic. They can perform cosmetic filler injections hair removal or transplantation, intralesional treatment photodynamic therapy, laser therapy phototherapy, tattoo removal and tumescent liposuction. They also perform radiation therapy and vitiligo surgical.

Other treatments within the dermatology field include cryosurgery. It is the treatment for the treatment of skin cancers and warts, or other allergies as well as allergy testing. treatments like injections, immunomodulators, or antibiotics treatments; and topical treatments.

Skin is by far the biggest organ of the body. Furthermore, since the entire surface on the face is visible dermatologists can benefit from an immediate visual examination.

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